20×20 Launches Final Chapter

The fifth and final chapter in the 20×20 campaign has been launched this morning and we are pleased to give Sport for Business a unique first look at the campaign’s closing piece.

It is an end but also a bridge to the next stage of pushing for genuine equality in sport.

‘The Future for Women in Sport: Choose What’s Next’, is launched in partnership with KPMG. It highlights the choice that we have for what happens from here for women in sport and calls on everyone involved in sport to ask questions of themselves and of society, to shape how that future plays out.

It has been a pleasure to be involved on the steering committee for this multi-award-winning campaign that has totally changed the narrative around the part that women both do and can play in sport.

Brilliantly created by Along Came a Spider and supported by the Federation of Irish Sport, Lidl, AIG, KPMG, Investec and Three, it has forced us all to see sport through different eyes and challenged everyone who gets something from the joy of sport to do likewise.

This closing chapter aims to inspire the public, the media, the education and business sectors, and the wider sporting community to ask questions of sporting stakeholders nationwide to ensure that the progress made to date for women’s sport continues to be driven forward.

‘Choose What’s Next’ is fronted by 20×20 and KPMG ambassadors, golfer Leona Maguire and Dublin LGFA star, Sinéad Aherne, and was launched on YouTube this morning with an 11-minute documentary.

It is a superb journey through archive footage to examine where women’s sport has come from, right through to today.

The finale of the two-year movement dovetails perfectly with the campaign launch in 2018, as 20×20 revisits the young girls who featured in the original video and finds out if and how their views on women’s sport in Ireland have changed, two years on.

Take the time and watch it. It is an inspirational piece of film making.

Watch the mini-documentary right here.

From next Tuesday, September 15th, the second stage of the campaign will roll out across 20×20 and KPMG’s social media platforms.

This stage will call on the public and all other stakeholders to engage with the hashtag, #ThinkItAskIt – urging them to think about the future of women’s sport in Ireland with the simple act of asking a question as the starting point for great change.

Watch out on Sport for Business as well as we pose questions of our own intended to open up the debate further and keep it relevant.

“20×20 believes that by everyone asking questions of themselves, their club, their sport or their business, we will build greater equality and a new norm for women in sport,” said co-creator of the campaign Sarah Colgan of Along Came a Spider.

“These questions will prompt progress across every sector touching sport and will be a final part of 20×20’s legacy, as the future of what happens for women in sport in Ireland is now in our hands and we can choose what happens next.”

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