20X20 Weekly – The Game Changer Moment For You

The 20X20 initiative was launched in Dublin this month. It is a campaign to raise media coverage, attendance and participation across all Women’s sport. As a long time advocate of parity of esteem, we have been strong supporters of the campaign which is being backed by Sport for Business members including the Federation of Irish Sport, Along Came a Spider, AIG, Three and Lidl.

It’s all about personal commitments to change and ours is the publication of a new weekly column looking at different aspects of Women’s Sport both here and around the world that will be relevant in terms of advocacy but also in terms of commercial partnership and sporting administration

We are looking for Women in Sport to join the 2019 wave of the Game Changer Mentoring Network.

The reaction to the idea of making a connection as outlined in the video below has been great, especially from the business side.

We have Women lined up in senior positions within sport, business, the media and elsewhere that are all set o share their experience and lend a helping hand

We are now looking for sports women who might be at the top of their career and planning for what next or starting out and woondering how can I manage all the demands.

Last year we had Lyndsey Peat and Sene Naoupu from Rugby, Sinead Aherne and Sinead Finnegan from Ladies Football, Rebecca Barry from Hockey and more, all of whomgained something from the occasional chat over the phone or cup of coffee with someone they could trust from outside of their normal cicle.

The Game Changer Network is an initiative brought to life by Sport for Business in partnership with AIG.

It can make a real difference to what you get from sport and from life.

It’s time to put your hand up and see if it’s something that would work for you.

If you think you would like to be part of the network in 2019, as a business mentor or a sportswoman looking to forge connections that will help you to determine your potential next steps, simply email us to find out more and let’s start a conversation.  Please quote Game Changer in the subject line of your email.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Our 2019 cohort of mentors and mentees will come together for the first time as a group at the launch event for this wave which will take place at the Dean Hotel in Dublin on Tuesday morning, November 27th.

It promises to be a short time out involving introduction and perhaps a little inspiration from guest speakers we have lined up.

If you can make that great, but even if you can’t but would be interested to learn more about what you might gain from taking part in the Game Changer Network, do get in touch.  It could be one of the most rewarding things you do in 2019.

Email us now with a little about yourself to find out more about how the Game Changer Network might work for you.


This column will also provide an opportunity to give space to guest columnists to have their say. That could mean you. Email us today quoting 20X20 Weekly in the Subject line and let’s see what we might do in the coming weeks and months.


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