20X20 Weekly This Girl Can Returns

The 20X20 initiative was launched in Dublin this month. It is a campaign to raise media coverage, attendance and participation across all Women’s sport. As a long time advocate of parity of esteem, we have been strong supporters of the campaign which is being backed by Sport for Business members including the Federation of Irish Sport, Along Came a Spider, AIG, Three and Lidl.

It’s all about personal commitments to change and ours is the publication of a new weekly column looking at different aspects of Women’s Sport both here and around the world that will be relevant in terms of advocacy but also in terms of commercial partnership and sporting administration

The This Girl Can campaign returned with a new video last week, focusing on how to work general everyday physical activity into busy lives.

It is a campaign which we have long championed and have brought over a number of its architechts and drivers to speak at Sport for Business events in the past two years.

It was a major commitment from Sport England and from the Government to develop campaigns that would play to the strengths of mainstream and social media and get more people moving.

The intention was always to get more people more active rather than to produce and ultra competitive medal winners on a world stage.

It has met with success seeing a rise in the number of women getting active. There have been gaps though and as is the case in our own Sports Monitor from Sport ireland, a clear difference in engagement across social classes.

The better off you are and the higher the level of educational attainment you have the more likely you are to get active.

In research undertaken in 2017 that gap from top to bottom in the UK went from 36% to 22%.

You can either accept that as being ‘beyond the scope’ of sport or you can do something to try address it.

The latest This Girl Can content has gone with the latter and there is more diversity in the women shown to getting physical.

It will be an important factor to consider in the work of 20X20 over the next two years and there is a way.



This column will also provide an opportunity to give space to guest columnists to have their say. That could mean you. Email us today quoting 20X20 Weekly in the Subject line and let’s see what we might do in the coming weeks and months.


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