20X20 Weekly – Wexford in Crisis, Top Tables and Game Changers

The 20X20 initiative is a campaign to raise media coverage, attendance and participation across all Women’s sport. As a long time advocate of parity of esteem, we have been strong supporters of the campaign which is being backed by Sport for Business members including the Federation of Irish Sport, Along Came a Spider, AIG, Three and Lidl.

It’s all about personal commitments to change and ours is the publication of a weekly column looking at different aspects of Women’s Sport both here and around the world that will be relevant in terms of advocacy but also in terms of commercial partnership and sporting administration.

From Bad to Worse for Wexford


Only Cork, Dublin and Kilkenny have won more All Irelands than Wexford.  And this is not a case of ‘Accrington Staley’ where the glories are shrouded in the mists of time.  Wexford Camogie won a treble of titles on the biggest stage of all between 2010 and 2012 but now it is in crisis.

On the opening weekend of the Littlewoods Ireland Camogie National League, the county failed to field a team against Liberty Insurance All Ireland Champions Cork.

Last weekend was better but they still only mustered 13 to play against Galway.  That would be understandable at U12 on the weekend of a first Holy Communion but at an inter-county level it is not.

It’s true that the County Champions St Martins are involved in the AIB Club Championship but surely still there could have been 15 players pulled together.

As a result of the first fail, half of their grant from the WGPA, a sum of around €4,500 has been withheld as a financial penalty.

Galway were so far ahead at the weekend that they withdrew two of their players to even up the teams, in number at least, but really the sport should demand better.

This is not a cut at the women who turned up but this was not a problem that emerged because of a plague across the county on Friday.  The County Board should have seen it coming and done whatever was needed to call on clubs to stand up.

Nobody emerges as a winner and we can only hope that things will be better

After the travails of the Mayo Ladies Football team last summer we had hoped that the entire focus would be on the pitch this year.  For a Division One side not to field is almost beyond belief.


Game Changer Launching this Friday

The Sport for Business AIG Game Changer Network will launch its 2019 ‘season’ this Friday, February 8th when a group of mentors and mentees will gather to learn more about what the programme can deliver for them over the next twelve months and what it did for those who took part in 2018.

Already we have players from the World Cup Final appearing Women’s Hockey team on board as well as from the Irish team in the Guinness Six Nations, from senior Inter County teams in Ladies Football and Camogie, and from Soccer.

Here is a look back on what the Game Changer Network was all about last year…


Sitting at the Table

The GAA Congress will vote in two weeks time on a motion to give representation on Central Council to the Camogoe and Ladies Gaelic Football Associations.

They will be without voting rights, the same as the Director general of the GAA, but their presence around the table will change the dynamic of how Gaelic Games are governed at the highest level.

Similar motions to allow the GAA sit at the top table in both sports will follow in the year as the fruits of much work in terms of bringing about closer collaboration is felt at the top, just as it has been evident at club level over recent years.


This column will also provide an opportunity to give space to guest columnists to have their say. That could mean you. Email us today quoting 20X20 Weekly in the Subject line and let’s see what we might do in the coming weeks and months.


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