A Place in History

It was one of the most popular accessions to the sporting hall of fame that we have seen and Shane Lowry’s winning of the 148th Open Championship was also one of the most relaxed.

Six shots clear coming up the 18th hole the Offaly man could afford to smile and wave to the crowd.

In a workshop behind the scenes, his name was being engraved onto the base of the famous trophy, perhaps at an earlier time than any since 1968 when the tradition was first instigated.

Since Tiger Woods changed golf, winning his first Major Championship in 1997, there have been 49 individual players that have secured one of Golf’s four most important titles.

In case there was any doubt that Ireland has enjoyed a golden period in that time here is a breakdown of the countries that have supplied those winners:

United States:                26 Players Winning 52 Majors

Ireland:                             5 Players Winning 10 Majors

Australia:                          4 Players Winning 4 Majors

England:                           2 Players Winning 2 Majors

South Africa:                    2 Players Winning 2 Majors

Fiji:                                   1 Player Winning 1 Major

Spain                               1 Player Winning 1 Major

Scotland                          1 Player Winning 1 Major

Argentina                         1 Player Winning 1 Major

Canada                            1 Player Winning 1 Major

Korea                               1 Player Winning 1 Major

Sweden                           1 Player Winning 1 Major

Italy                                  1 Player Winning 1 Major

All five of Ireland’s Major winners were in action over the course of the last week and it was great to see Graeme McDowell and Padraig Harrington there to welcome Lowry off the 18th Green after he joined their pretty exclusive club.

With the success of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open on the European Tour and the real prospect of the open Championship returning to Royal Portrush within the next five years, Golf on the island of Ireland has perhaps never been in better shape.

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