About Sport for Business

Sport for Business connects sport and business in ways that go well beyond the standard forms of sponsorship and hospitality.  We engage daily with an audience of 4,000 leaders in sport, business, politics and society.

Sport for Business was voted the Best Emerging Sports Business of 2016 at the Sport Industry Awards

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What we do

We produce a daily news digest delivering insight and intelligence from around the commercial world of sport.  The digest is sent by email and through social media channels before 8am each Monday to Friday.  Subscribe to headline service for free.

We host monthly round table meetings and quarterly seminars and conferences aimed at building strong bonds between business and sport for the benefit of both.  In the coming months we will host Teaming Up for Women’s Sport; Imagining Sport Tourism and an investigation of whether a Sports Accelerator is a winner for Ireland

What can we do for you?

of the Sport for business community is open to companies, sports bodies and individuals with an interest in business and a passion for sport.

We have a special academic membership with a number of Irish universities and Institutes of Technology to foster the leaders of the future.

We believe in collaboration.  We bring smart minds together from across sport and business to create new ways of both sides working together.

Our ambition as a growing community of sporting and business leaders, both of the present and the future, is to harness the passion of sport and the power of business.  We hope you will join us as part of the community.

Take a look at our membership options and join us today to make the most of the relationship between sport and business.

Shane Lowry 21/10/2016