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Each Wednesday we publish a column looking at events around the world of sport in ireland and further afield that impact on the momentum behind gaining equality of attention and respect for Women in Sport.



Yesterday we gave Sport for Business readers a first look at the latest chapter in the 20X20 campaign.

Supported by Lidl, this is focused on women of all ages and sporting abilities, encouraging movement in whatever way makes them feel good.

Creating video content in a time of lockdown is difficult but Along Came a Spider, the agency behind the campaign looked within to source the role models that featured in the video below.

Emily Murray, one of our Sport for Business 30 under 30 admits to camera that she is dreading running but does not let that stop here while co-founder Heather Thornton and a host of other team members and relatives make a compelling an upbeat case to get moving.




Research in Australia has proven the strong emotional connection that women’s team have with fans.

The top four places in the survey of 4,638 sports fans by True North Research go to Women’s team with the Cricket team heading the Matildas soccer team, the Women’s rugby Sevens side and the Netball Diamondbacks.

The highest ranked male team was the Australian T20 Cricket team.

“Women athletes are particularly aware of the perilous situation that the pandemic has caused for their sport,” Georgie Maynard, Director of True North said.

“They have been active during isolation, recognising they had their own role to play in ensuring the future of their sport, be it through salary cuts, keeping fan engagement levels up and working with the sponsors of their sports.”

“As national sporting bodies wrestle with big issues – moving World Cups, finding international teams to play, and how to squeeze in international matches after delayed league seasons – it will bring them comfort to know that Australians have not abandoned their national teams.”

The Irish Women’s Hockey team proved their popularity in Ireland by beating the Grand Slam winning Men’s Rugby team in the popular vote to be crowned Team of the Year at the 2019 RTÉ Sport Awards.




The Sport for Business AIG Game Changer Network is a way of bringing players making their way in the world of sport together with a mentor from the world of business so that both can share experience and develop a bond that can benefit them both in ways that can be many and varied.

If you are in Sport:

Build a connection that can help you manage your time, your motivation, your connection to potential funding partners or even begin the transition out of the highest levels of competition.

Introduce yourself, your sport and the energy you put into it to a new person who can give you a different perspective.

Register your interest as a woman in sport looking to connect with a woman in business.

If you are in Business:

Lend a helping hand to someone who may excel in their chosen field but may need some guidance on the next stage of their personal development.

Get a connection to a woman in sport who may be about to embark on the greatest journey of their life and help her to connect with a national audience.

Register your interest as a woman in business looking to lend a hand and a friendly shoulder to a woman in sport.


There are no limits to what you can achieve together, no barriers to having a look and seeing what might emerge.


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