Adare Switch for Limerick GAA

Limerick will swap the familiar ‘Sporting Limerick’ branding on their GAA shirt for that of Adare Manor when they play in next month’s Fenway Hurling Classic in Boston.

Sporting Limerick has been the brand used to recognise the support of billionaire, philanthropist and Limerick sports fan JP McManus since 2004.

It was the logo worn on the shirt when the players bridged a 45-year gap by winning the All Ireland in August.

Adare Manor is owned by McManus and reopened after major investment earlier this year. Promoting it in particular to a US-based audience is a smart move. US golf tourism into Ireland is a major part of the connection between the countries and with Adare having been off the radar for a number of years this is a great opportunity to revive it.

The resort will host the JP McManus Pro-Am in 2020 and is also a hot favourite to stage the 2026 Ryder Cup. There is even a possibility of it being brought up the order with persistent whispers of challenges at the venue selected to host the 2022 staging in Rome.

Even without the Ryder Cup backdrop, it would make good business sense to promote Adare Manor in this lucrative market.

Limerick are expected to reveal a new shirt in time for the busy Christmas market but there was no indication yesterday of whether this would be with Adare Manor or Sporting Limerick on the front. It will certainly make it one of the interesting jersey reveals when it takes place shortly.

Image Credit: Sam Barnes, Sportsfile

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