Advancing Women in Sport

The Sport for Business Women in Sport Leadership Group will meet in Dublin this afternoon to explore practical ways of advancing the cause of equality in sport.

Arising out of last year’s successful Teaming Up for Women in Sport event this smaller group of individuals will look to see what is possible by way of action in the coming months to address the blatant inequality that exists in terms of support, media coverage, leadership representation and participation.

It’s not a case of assigning blame for how this arose, rather a concerted effort to make it better so that there is equality of visibility and opportunity for young girls and boys coming into sport.

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We will have representatives from the major sports as well as Sport Ireland and from leading sponsors Lidl and Liberty Insurance, from media, agencies and experts in the fields of management and fundraising.

One of the outputs today will be to draw up a Charter for Change listing a number of key activities and objectives for the next twelve months to tap into the global momentum around Women’s Sport and make sure that Ireland is ready to become a leader, rather than lagging behind.

We will be calling on support from others, many of you who have already expressed a desire to help in whatever way you can.

Today is another step forward in an important campaign, bringing smart minds together to come up with clear and simple objectives that will make an important difference for sport and for our wider society.

We look forward to bringing you news of how this progresses.

Let us know who you are and we will be in touch as this campaign develops..

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