Agency Corner – Sponsorship Commentary

The drawing of the final curtain of this year’s Six Nations in Dublin was also a farewell to the 15 year sponsorship of RBS in the UK and Ulster Bank in Ireland.

Kevin Moore of Sport for Business member Legacy Consultants wrote a perceptive piece in this weekend’s Sunday Independent about the search for a replacement and the likely money that John Feehan, as head of the business that is the Six Nations will be seeking in return for ownership of the biggest sporting event of the spring from next year.

Moore reflected on the growth of the investment RBS had made through good and then troubled times, re-signing in 2009 and 2013 while withdrawing from other forms of marketing as a backlash against banking took hold.

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Sport has also helped Bank of Ireland and AIB to hold respect within communities at times when bankers were being held to account for a damaging recession that touched most lives.

He also pointed out the growth and success of rugby and its bucking a trend in TV numbers going backwards, from an incredible high, in other sports.

It was intelligent commentary and good publicity for Legacy who are expanding beyond the shadow of co-founder Bernard Brogan to establish themselves as big players in the world of sports marketing in Ireland.

Whether the Six Nations has a sponsor already lined up is the subject of some speculation across the industry but we are aware that a number of those who might most obviously be in line have taken a long look and elected not to get involved for a variety of reasons.

There will be a new sponsor found, one who will lift the Six Nations further up the pecking order of world sport but the announcement will not be made before the deal is ready.

You can read the full of Moore’s article here.


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