AIG Heroes Gathering Steam

The AIG Heroes initiative celebrated its first anniversary and it’s fifth outing yesterday when 80- boys and girls from two schools in Ballymun came together for a day of coaching, laughing and chat with an enviable collection of All Ireland winners from Dublin GAA.

They started when the All Blacks came to Dublin last November and have taken place in Dublin and Limerick since then.

“The purpose of these events is reaching out to schools and children and involving the sports stars who we are fortunate to work with in order that they might inspire the next generation,” said AIG Sponsorship Manager John Gillick speaking to Sport for Business yesterday.

“We have coaches and Games Promotions Officers from Dublin GAA, as well as other sports who will come and set up drills so it’s a proper coaching session, then the stars arrive and the energy just soars.”

“We brought the Black Ferns to Westmanstown ahead of the Women’s Rugby World Cup and we have plans to expand to other sports and other parts of the country as the programme grows.”

“We leave behind some equipment like bibs and balls and cones, the kind of things that make a difference after the smiles and the skills have been delivered.”

There are ambitious plans being developed for something more permanent to emerge from the initiative in one particular area, more of which will become apparent in the coming months.

This is an aspect of the sponsorship package which delivers real benefit for kids, inspiring them to remain involved in sport, bringing local heroes in front of them and making a difference.

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