AIG Making Local Heroes

AThe initiative was launched in November 2016 when the global insurance company, through their sponsorship ties, brought two sporting greats together; Dublin GAA and the All Blacks, to visits two communities in inner city Dublin and Limerick.

The programme was launched for 2017 in Bluebell Community Centre yesterday with stars from Dublin GAA, Lindsey Peat from the irish Women’s Rugby team, Isaac Westbrook from Basketball and Paul Corry from Shamrock Rovers.

It highlights key life skills that can be developed through sport and shows children how these skills can be transferable in life and can be used to achieve goals outside of sport.

“At AIG, we are very lucky to have connections with great teams, in Ireland and abroad,” said AIG General Manager Declan O’Rourke speaking at the launch.

“We are fully aware of the benefits being involved in sports can have on any individual and that’s why we are delighted to be in a position to use our ties with sporting greats, like our partners in Dublin GAA, to give back to communities, and hopefully inspire future leaders on and off the playing field.”


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