Anti Doping Saga Rolls On

It appears that Russia remains in the fold of the international sporting community following the meeting in Montreal which we flagged earlier in the week.

The Compliance Review Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency met in Montreal and heard reports from Moscow that a three-person team had gained belated access to the Russian laboratories.

That timeframe and the speed at which the extraction of information is taking place is outside the stipulations set down in September but a report the Committee has passed to the WADA Executive Committee is understood to say that progress is being made.

This was the first meeting since the deadline for Russia to open up access to its laboratories in Moscow was missed on December 31st.

There were strong calls, including from Sport Ireland, for Russia to be declared non-compliant and removed from the sporting ‘family’ once more until such time as all the conditions of their readmittance had been fully met.

WADA is now scheduled to meet via teleconference next week, following a review of the report.

The situation still remains in a grey area with some progress being made.

Will that be enough to satisfy the strongest proponents of a strong stance and if not what will their response be?

It looks like we will have to wait another week at least to discover the answer.


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