Athletics Ireland to Live Stream

Athletics aertvAthletics Ireland is taking a further step into self broadcasting with news that three summer outdoor events will be live streamed on AerTV, the online channel mixing mainstream and original content.

Viewers from around the country and the world will be able to watch live coverage from the Athletics Ireland Games this Sunday 25th of May, the Junior and U23 Championships on the 6th of July and the Juvenile Track and Field Championships on the 26th of July.

The streaming of three of Athletics Ireland Indoor Track and Field events from the track at Athlone Institute of Technology achieved the highest Irish viewership of any sport aired on Aertv.

“The feedback received from fans was overwhelmingly positive,” said Aertv’s Orlagh Marnane. “It went beyond the audience of family and friends and really connected with the wider athletics fan base.”


“In a highly competitive sporting media environment Live streaming enables the association to become its own broadcaster,” said Sinéad Galvin, Marketing and Communications Manager of Athletics Ireland.

“We can showcase our great sport and reach a wide fan base at a relevant convergence point of on-line and social media.”

Social media plays a big role in gathering an audience and having it do the promotional work that would normally be in the hands of the broadcaster.

The trend towards self control of broadcasting has been made possible by the roll out of fast broadband and smartphone devices. There is generally little or no rights fee paid for the content but different revenue streams come to life through smaller sponsorship and the potential of pay per view.

Owned Media

Major League baseball in the US led the way with owned media and this has been rolled out to most major sports through a mix of behind the scenes and live material.

Only last week the GAA and RTE Digital announced the detail for GAAGo, a service aimed at international audiences which will charge for viewing of individual matches this summer from €10 a go.

Aertv provides streaming for a range of sports from Katie Taylor’s last fight in Cork through to the Leinster Senior Tennis open finals day in July. Basketball, Squash, Hockey and others have used the service to provide live streamed and video on demand services on key events in the last few months.

Youth Sport Image PortraitAthletics Ireland will be one of the speakers at The Business of Youth Sport, a half day conference in Dublin on June 12th, alongside Sky Sports, Dublin Institute of Technology and others.  Click here to find out more.

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