Athlone Engulfed by Betting Scandal

The betting scandal engulfing Athlone Town took another turn last night with a consortium of fans expressing their willingness to take over the administration of the club should the present committee resign.

The FAI has begun interviews with all those involved in a game last week where UEFA reported clear evidence of suspicious betting patterns around a late goal conceded by the team.

The betting markets are monitored closely by bookmakers themselves and by the football authorities and when something outside of normal parameters is flagged then action and retribution on those found guilty tends to be swift.

No indication has been given yet as to whether that retribution will be taken on the team or on the players involved.  It is perhaps unfair but also unlikely that any laws of the land have been broken, as has been tested previously in relation to betting scandals involving jockeys and horse racing.

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In that sense those who may have organised and executed any match fixing or more likely score fixing will likely not face any prosecution.

Clubs and players found to have been responsible though, either through deliberate act or association to a deliberate act may have football penalties to face.  These could range from fines to suspensions, deduction of points or even removal from a competition.

Those decisions are to be held over until after the completion of the football investigation, and any subsequent police authority investigation which might ensue.

They are obviously uppermost in the minds of the club and the fans though who have been dragged into this without warning.

Likewise for the club sponsors Top Oil who could not have foreseen the storm of publicity that was to descend.

In an ironic twist one of the clubs other partners Athlone Institute of Technology is hosting a seminar this Thursday, which Sport for Business will be attending, on Ethics in Sport.


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