Aviva Goes 5G In Technology Advance

The Aviva Stadium has become the first 5G-enabled sports facility in Ireland as Vodafone Ireland continues to expand its next generation network.

The introduction of the new technology will have the potential to create a unique in-stadium experience using virtual reality and augmented reality during live occasions.

The service went live for the first time on Saturday during Ireland’s victory over Wales.

The ultra-fast connectivity will offer players and management alike new possibilities for performance enhancement as more and more of the business of sport becomes digital first.

“Like all aspects of society, the world of sport is adapting and evolving through the use of digital technologies,” said Vodafone ireland CEO Anne O’Leary.

“The launch of 5G at the Aviva Stadium brings a new dimension to the principles of interactive sports on and off the field.”

5G networks have been introduced to a number of US Sports Arenas in recent months and Vodafone has itself been instrumental in rolling it out in Turkey.

It will take a while for handsets to catch up to the new speeds but when they do on a wider scale then at least the Irish home of Rugby and Soccer will be ready.

In terms of the difference it will make 5G is up to 20 times faster than 4G with lower latency meaning faster download times.

It is also much more stable in densely populated areas or crowds like you’d find in a sporting stadium.

Image Credit: Sport for Business

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