Bank Battles Over Colours

The 65th Annual Colours Matches between UCD Rugby and Dublin University Football Club take place this afternoon and this evening at the UCD Bowl.

They promise to be hard fought encounters between teams with a pretty even split of success over recent years.

UCD captain Jamie Glynn was on hand for the launch this week alongside Trinity’s Brian Slater, while UCD’s Leah Hayden went toe to toe with Niamh Byrne of Trinity for the third year of the Women’s Colours Match.

If you think it is competitive on the pitch though you should consider the rucking and mauling taking place off of it.

AIB are sponsors of the Colours match, hence the branding on the ball in the image above.  They have a close association with UCD as sponsors of the GAA Club and the Soccer Super league and have also contributed to training and development of the rugby teams.

Trinity Sport on the other hand is backed by Bank of Ireland.  Their branding is fully covered up by the ball held by Brian Slater but can be seen peeping around the corner of the trophy held by Niamh Byrne.

Bank of Ireland had a tilt at AIB’s dominance in the club GAA Championships this season taking over the sponsorship of St Vincents.  There was a bit of pushing and shoving over media appearances in advance of their semi final against Slaughtniel but defeat there meant it did not come to a head for the St Patrick’s Day Final.

Sponsorship is an ever more important part of the overall marketing mix and with our main banks very much to the fore.

Like the mostly polite agreements not to step on toes between giants like Heineken and Diageo in rugby, care is mainly taken not to steal thunder as a win one day may be retaliated with in bigger fashion down the line.

In geo political terms the phrase was always Mutually Assured Destruction and while a sporting sponsorship is hardly in the realm of nuclear war it is still an interesting battle for supremacy that will run for longer than the two eighty minutes of action today.

“We’re delighted to be supporting UCD Rugby Football Club and The Colours Match,” said EIB Chief Marketing Officer Tom Kinsella earlier this week.

“The Colours Match is an historic and significant event between two of Ireland’s leading teams in club rugby and we’re very proud to be a part of it.”

“UCD has seen some great players nurture their skills on their journey through the club here, who have now gone on to play for their country and became national heroes.”

“As proud sponsors, we’re hoping UCD Ladies Team will win their first back-to-back Colours title, while the Senior Team will snatch the Colours Cup back and keep it in Belfield this Friday”.

The Womens’ Colours Match kicks off at 2:30pm at the UCD Bowl on Friday, 7th April while the Mens’ Senior Team follow with kick off at 6:30pm.

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