Basketball Looks to Wellbeing with Pieta House

Basketball Ireland has announced a new collaboration with Pieta House which will see the charity providing support and learning about mental fitness issues to members of the Irish international squads from Regional academy level through to Senior squads.

Pieta House will also provide support for clubs and club members across the country as part of the new association.

Basketball Ireland, for their part, will support Pieta House financially through an annual donation and will also provide fundraising opportunities for Pieta House throughout the basketball season.

In many ways, it is an exemplar of how a relevant charity and a sporting body with substantial reach to young people can work together for mutual benefit.

“This is a very important initiative from Basketball Ireland and Pieta House,” said Basketball Ireland Secretary General Bernard O’Byrne.

“As a National Governing Body, we have experienced some sad events in recent years and we want to put an infrastructure in place to support our members of all ages.”

“This is a great opportunity for Pieta House to bring the message of hope and solidarity directly into the wider basketball community,” added Brian Higgins, CEO of Pieta House.

“The endorsement of Pieta House by Basketball Ireland, by their invitation into its network of clubs and its commitment to support our fundraising, is a truly encouraging development. Pieta House welcomes the challenge it presents.”

Other sporting bodies have shown a willingness to work with charities in the area of wellbeing. These include Rugby Players Ireland whose work on Tackle Your Feelings with Zurich Insurance has had a strong reach and the GAA with a variety of charity partners and initiatives currently focused on the Healthy Clubs initiative with Irish Life Health.

On March 2nd, 2018 Sport for Business supported by our Sport for Social Good Partners Allianz will host a special half-day event and report looking at the ways in which sport and business have come together most effectively to bring projects to life that have a genuine and lasting good for the communities in which they are based.

Find out more about this special event and how you might play a part here.

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