Behind the Microphone and More

Sport for Business will shortly begin a number of new series of interviews with people who are central to the business of sport in Ireland.

This will be part of a new online presence which we are preparing to unveil next month.

Among these will be ‘Behind the Microphone’ a series unveiling a little of the character behind those media personalities who are our guide to sports greatest moments.

‘Making Sponsorship Work’ will be another where we go a little deeper under the hood of sponsorship with those who are making the decisions.

Our ‘Leading Sport’ series of talks with those who are guiding sport in Ireland will recommence in September and we are also preparing for the 2018 publication of our list of 50 Women of Influence in Irish Sport.

We are also preparing for the second wave of our Game Changer Mentoring Network with AIG, and very excited about the development of Sport for Social Good in partnership with Allianz.

Sport for Business has been built on the support of those many organisations within the sport and business communities who have supported what we do through membership and partnerships that have led to a much better understanding of how the commercial world of sport operates.

Partnership has always been central to what we aim at and that will be the case with our series of events coming up in the second half of 2018, full details of which we will also be announcing next month and at which we hope to see you.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about being part of our plans over the coming months.


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