Beko Roll Out Campaign in Ireland

Two weeks ago we brought you news of a major campaign which appliance firm Beko have commenced with Barcelona. This morning we can offer a first look at how that ‘Eat Like a Pro’ activation is now being rolled out in Ireland.

Dublin Football forward and four-time All Ireland Winner Ciaran Kilkenny has been selected as the first Irish player to share his thoughts on what he eats and how it affects his performance in a video to be released on social media by the multinational giant later today.

“Building on Beko’s global campaign with FC Barcelona, Beko Ireland wanted to talk to some Irish sporting heroes and get their thoughts on the importance of healthy eating, getting into good habits early and some simple tips to bear in mind for a healthier lifestyle, Beko Ireland Sales and Marketing Manager Shane Kelly told us yesterday.

“Kids are looking up to their GAA heroes and their ability to perform at very high levels which can be attributed to hard work and healthy eating. Healthy living can begin with small changes and that’s what the overall campaign is all about.”

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