Bound Together by Guinness

Guinness has a long association with the All Ireland Hurling Championship having been its first commercial sponsor back in 1995.

It remained exclusively so until 2008 and then continued as one of three sponsors all the way to 2013.

At that point, it stepped back to being a ‘Proud Partner’ of the Association and Croke Park. It is a relationship that includes lucrative pouring rights and the ability to use the GAA in creating some of it’s memorable and often affecting advertising campaigns.

Bound Together tells the story of grassroots fans from across the country bound by a love of sport rather than limited to just a team.

The campaign sponsored and hosted a gathering for Off The Ball listeners at the Open Gate Brewery last night and have ambassadors Pete Finnerty of Galway and Ollie Moran of Limerick across most media today.

“Guinness has a long standing heritage with GAA and we are proud to be involved via our sponsorship of Croke Park,” said Guinness Senior Brand Manager for Europe, Alexa Wolff.

“GAA has the unique ability to unite all fans and we want to celebrate that community spirit through each county. Bound Together epitomises the power of the GAA community and further strengthens our long commitment to Gaelic Games.”

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Image Credit: Dan Sheridan,

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