Bringing Women’s Rugby to Life Informally

January is the period when gyms take on more new customers than at any other time in the year. We want to get fit and do something different for the new year and that always looks to be the most obvious place to go.

Team sport can often miss a trick in tapping into this desire for new things but England Rugby is looking to change that with a series of ‘Inner Warrior’ camps that are reaching out to women who might be keen to get fit but also learn new skills.

The camps are taking place between 11th January and 9th February and will enable women who might never have played rugby before to learn some of the skills and techniques of the sport while getting fit, having fun and making friends along the way.

The sessions are free and provided by professional coaches under the banner of England Rugby.

“It can often be daunting to try a new sport or get the motivation needed to go along to the gym for the first time,” said England Women’s Rugby Captain Sarah Hunter.

“That’s why Warrior Camps are the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and as a result, you can have fun and get fit all at the same time.

The Inner Warrior campaign has been responsible for encouraging more than 18,000 women to try their hand at rugby to date.

In order to provide a pathway to developing this initial level of interest, there is also now an Inner Warrior series for new and developing teams that might have grown out of the initiative. It gives them a chance to compete on an informal basis without the full commitment of being part of a league.

There are already 61 teams signed up to be a part of the series, with players being offered a flexible approach to competing, from different formats to different times and locations, providing an approach to exercise and sport that is more flexible and perhaps better suited to get people interested at a developing level.

“England Rugby’s Inner Warrior programme is providing women and girls across the country with a chance to come and give the sport a go for free,” added Steve Grainger, Rugby Development Director at the RFU.

Getting fit and having fun is a great way to introduce the sport and this is a campaign worth looking at to see could it be adapted or adopted in an Irish context.

Image Credit: England Rugby

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