British Government Clarifies Advice on Sporting Return

The British Government published more information yesterday on its proposed emergence from lockdown, easing some of the confusion caused by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on Sunday night.

Time restrictions on outdoor exercise will end from tomorrow and sporting activity where social distancing is maintained will be permitted outdoors on Wednesday of this week.

That will see the reopening of golf courses and tennis courts, with restrictions but not yet in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, each of whom is reserving the right to make their own calls on how quickly a return to normal activity is encouraged or allowed.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is expected to publish its own guidelines later today, with a five-stage process likely to be more in line with that of the Republic of Ireland.

A return of elite sport in England, behind closed doors but with broadcast permitted is to be allowed from June 1st which could yet see that as a date for the return of the Premier League.

The British Horseracing Authority is now planning for that as the date on which racing will resume.

Premiership Rugby is planning for a resumption of games and completion of the nine games remaining in the season from early July and Formula 1 bosses are planning for a start to the 2020 season with back to back weekend races at Silverstone on July 19th and 26th.

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