Chief Justice’s Sporting Connection

Frank Clarke, Ireland’s new Chief Justice named yesterday has a long history with the sport of Horse Racing and has been a Chairman of Leopardstown Racecourse as well as a Steward of the Turf Club and Director of Horse Racing Ireland.

Thankfully sport rarely makes an appearance in the upper echelons of the Irish judicial system but it is hearteneing to know that if it ever does that the new man at the top will have an understanding.

In a previous business existence we had the pleasure of dealing with Clarke around a number of complex legal arguments.  Among Barristers in Ireland and Britain he was a standout operator.

I have also stood by his side at big events in Leopardstown such as when Florida Pearl came in from his fourth victory in the Hennessy Cognac Irish Gold Cup more years ago than we might care to remember.

We wish him hearty congratulations in the important next chapter of his legal life and feel sure that he will remain a regular visito to the track.


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