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Sport for Business is a community of leading organisations involved in sport and Business in Ireland.

We foster and highlight innovation between sport and business at many different levels.


All our members have full access to our content and events.

Patron membership entitles full access to the Sport for Business team in terms of events, planning of campaigns, particular content sponsorships and more.

Our most popular level of membership is our Gold package where we work with organisations to tell their story to the community, highlight innovation, bring fresh ideas about how to build partnerships and more.

Silver membership is our entry level for smaller organisations, costing less than €10 a week.

We also have an individual membership option aimed at students or individuals with an interest in the commercial world of sport in Ireland.  This costs less than €1 a day.

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All the latest news on the commercial world of Irish sport as well as the best ideas from around the world that are relevant for Irish Sport and Irish Business.

The Daily Digest is delivered to almost 4,000 sporting and business leaders each weekday morning.

It serves to shine a spotlight on the work that brands and sports are doing to connect best with fans and audiences.  We don’t talk about injuries and match reports, our focus is on what our members want, an exclusive insight to the power of sport off the field of play.

The daily digest, online service and our social media channels include a mix of free content and analysis that is exclusive to members.

Members also have access to an online archive that stretches to more than five years of all the deals and innovations that have been part of the development of Irish sport.

“The first email I look for in the morning.  It sets me up for the day” – Paraic Duffy, Director General of the GAA

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Sport for Business Community

Our strength is our membership.  If you are part of the commercial world of sport, or would like to edge closer to its beating heart then you will be there as a member, expanding your network, discovering the best ways forward and staying ahead of the game.

We host 24 events each year looking at areas of real and topical interest to our members and we deliver initiatives arising from them that are seen as advancing the relationship between sport, business and society.

Recent Round Table meetings have focused Sponsorship Activation, Women in Sport, Attendance at Sporting Events, the Power of Data and Social Media.

Sport for Business Events

From Round Tables to Global events attracting world leaders in the business of sport, we bring members together for events that set the agenda when it comes to the connections between sport and business.

In January 2018 our first major gathering of the year took place in the Marker Hotel drawing together over 100 Members and Guests for insight on how sponsorship is received by the Irish public, to look at the big events of the year and to hear an exclusive interview with outgoing GAA Director General Paraic Duffy on his ten years at the helm of the Association.

In April 2017 we hosted Partners’17 a look at how different sporting properties and brands can come together.  This included working alongside Livewire, Electric Ireland, AIG, Allianz and more to deliver a top class event.

In November we hosted our third annual Women in Sport Conference at UCD.

Recent Round Table meetings have focused Sponsorship Activation, Women in Sport, Attendance at Sporting Events, the Power of Data and Social Media.


We facilitate contact with an understanding of mutual interest for all parties.

The Sport for Business Round Table programme brings smart minds together to tackle issues that are relevant to the crossing point where sport and business meet.  Previous events have taken place in Google Docks, on the stage of the Abbey Theatre, the Irish Embassy in London and the FAI Suite at the Aviva Stadium.



Our involvement with events like One Young World, the Irish Sponsorship Summit, the Irish Sport Industry Awards, The Arthur Guinness Projects and a host of projects with enthusiastic partners helps to amplify the work we are all doing in making sport matter.

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Every day Sport for Business brings you new ways to build relationships and make ideas work that will make your sport or business stronger.