Benefits to Clubs

How clubs will benefit from membership of Sport for Business:

  • Weekly e magazine and podcast focused on the best ways in which Irish sport and business are working together
  • Centre of excellence for ideas on fundraising
  • Access to services that assist in efficient running of the club
  • A Club ambassador with access to information that can be brought back to the management of the club
  • Exposure of club achievements and aspirations to wider sporting and business communities
  • Listing and distribution service for sponsorship opportunities and platform for their worldwide notification
  • Club nights where volunteers from across the sporting spectrum can come together to learn and share
  • Collective opportunities to attract support for community as opposed to single club initiatives
  • Fundraising and sponsorship activation seminars
  • Training and mentoring opportunities for clubs and individuals
  • Part of a community where sponsorship and partnership ideas are developed and exchanged
  • Working with current and potential future sponsorship and business partners to ensure satisfaction and continued support