Coleman Leading on Spar Health

Republic of Ireland captain Seamus Coleman was out and about with media yesterday. It is a great shame that it was not as part of the build-up to next week’s World Cup but we have to play the cards we are dealt.

Instead, it was to talk up Spar’s involvement in healthy eating for kids and their Better Choices initiative.

The core of the initiative is about having the power to make the right choices in order to stay healthy. A new set of summer recipes have been carefully crafted to ensure a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals are present in each meal and snack.

The problems of childhood obesity are a likely way in which Government will channel more resource toward sport and physical activity over the coming years with health and education budgets a potential source of greater and effective funding.

They won’t need an international class ambassador to step up though his doing that at this stage will hopefully open parents eyes to the choices they make on behalf of their children’s health through what they choose to buy.

“This initiative shows how easy it is to prepare healthy meals at home for everyone in the family, and I hope it will help people make better decisions when it comes to shopping for food, said Coleman.

Speaking about the initiative, Colin Donnelly, SPAR Sales Director, added “At Spar, we are committed to providing our customers with the best, and we feel passionate that eating well should be a priority, whether you are on the go or eating at home.”

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Image Credit Naoise Culhane

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