Collaboration on Regulation Relaxation

The FAI, GAA and IRFU met on Friday to discuss a collaborative approach to the development of a submission to Government on a roadmap for the safe return of supporters to stadia.

In a joint statement issued afterwards, the three bodies said that

“It has been agreed that a further meeting will be held early next week, following the publication of the Government’s new roadmap for living with COVID-19. This meeting will consider how the three governing bodies move forward together.”

There has been a strong sense of collaboration and shared best practice across sporting bodies throughout the pandemic and lockdown.

Operating in unison now will give the government and public health officials the confidence that things are being done collectively to the highest standards.

It is likely that the Expert Group established by Government to expedite a safe return to sport over the summer will also be brought into the conversation.

It is hoped that when Cabinet announces its latest decisions on reopening different sectors, that some degree of attendance will be allowed at games.

In the latest report from the Sport for Business Onside Sports Impact Monitor, we will share the perspective of what most leading sports and sponsorship organisations feel will be the timing of partial and full return of crowds.

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