Collins Exits Today FM

He has been a staple of breakfast sports news for 22 years but yesterday Paul Collins announced he was going to stop setting the alarm clock and walk away from his role at Today FM.

He will not be lost to sport but from now on his focus will be behind the microphone and the video as he concentrates on his Ballywire video production company.

Collins has been part of the team with Ian Dempsey and Mario Rosenstock that has created some of the most memorable radio for a generation.

His love of Tipp hurling never outshone the role of being all things to all listeners when it came to sport and he was a constant presence through all the highs and lows of the last two decades.

The famous ski trips will not quite be the same without him though you’d never know they might need to capture some of the fun on video and no doubt he’ll put his hand up for that.

Ballywire has proven to be a popular choice for video content in recent years.

At Sport for Business we have worked with Collins and his team on various projects ranging from the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition through to our own Game Changer network in partnership with AIG.

Always professional, always a bit of craic too, it is always right to mark the end of a chapter but especially so when it is leading to what will be further success for Collins in the coming years.


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