Colours Opportunity for 2020

Every now and then you come across sporting events that do not have sponsorship despite the fact that they look perfect for it.

The colours boat race is one such event that took place on the Liffey this weekend.

The races took place on Saturday morning with UCD and Trinity racing side by side from O’Connell Bridge to St. James’ Gate. There were 4 events, two women’s and two men’s races, senior and novice categories but no sponsor.

The cost of doing so across all four races would have come in at a low four-figure sum and apart from association with the two colleges in an event that has tradition coming at you at every pull of the oars, sponsors would also be invited to the athlete’s dinner where they would present the winning crew with their respective trophy, their name or brand will be advertised in the live stream on the event Facebook page.

There was a live stream of the races on social media and sponsors would have been included in the race programme and even on the boats themselves.

We came across the event too late to bring it to you in advance of this year but the opportunity will be there for many years.

Contact us today if you would like to be put in touch with the race organisers and grab this opportunity in 2020.

Rowing Ireland and Trinity College Dublin are members of the Sport for Business community.  Contact us today to see what we can do to tell your story within our influentiual group of members.


Image Credit: Oisin Keniry,

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