Cork Fixtures Knot Unravelled

The biggest challenge of success is managing how to fit more stuff into a finite timeframe.

Ladies Football and Camogie, in particular the Cork team playing at the highest level in both faced precisely that next weekend but have done the right thing, in very difficult circumstances, by moving fixtures to avoid a clash.

The number of moving parts in Organising Amy fixture list of size would put Einstein to the test. Switching at late notice would probably be beyond him.

Not so on this occasion with an unravelling of the knot that would have seen players, family and fans of Cork needing to split in two.

The LGFA has just confirmed that both senior championship semi-finals will now be played on Saturday, August 25 at 2.45pm and 4.30pm.

Cork will play Donegal at 2.45pm and the winners of the remaining quarter-final fixtures – Dublin v Kerry and Galway v Mayo – will feature in the other semi-final at 4.30pm.

The LGFA flagged the potential of a dual clash involving Cork a number of weeks ago, and that came to pass when the county’s footballers qualified for the All-Ireland semi-final, which was scheduled for August 18.

In light of this, the LGFA carefully reviewed arrangements and worked extremely hard behind the scenes in recent days to find a compromise.

LGFA CEO Helen O’Rourke commented: “We announced the times and dates of our summer fixtures schedule last March, when it was clearly stated that our All-Ireland senior semi-finals would be played on August 18 and August 25.

“We stated at the time that finding suitable times for our televised fixtures proved extremely challenging, and that we felt restricted to a large degree, due to the GAA’s new, condensed fixtures schedule.

“When Cork qualified for the TG4 All-Ireland senior semi-final last weekend, a dual fixtures clash arose but, as an Association, we took it upon ourselves to find a solution suitable to all parties.

“It should be noted at this point that altering a fixtures schedule so late in the season has a significant knock-on effect and impact on club and county players in other counties, and that we had to negotiate a number of logistical and contractual issues on this occasion before arriving at this solution.

“It should also be pointed out that personal plans relating to some individuals, around previously confirmed holiday arrangements and family occasions, were also considered and factored into exhaustive discussions with various stakeholders.

“We would like to thank Donegal for agreeing to play their semi-final a week later, on August 25, and to our championship sponsors and broadcast partners TG4, who have had to revise a number of plans to accommodate this change.

“We would like to wish all of our counties competing in the senior, intermediate and junior championships the very best of luck for the remainder of their respective campaigns, and we look forward to seeing big crowds present for the games between now and finals day on September 16 at Croke Park.”

The Camogie Association also paid tribute to the work done to avoid a clash

“We welcome the resolution following ongoing efforts by the Camogie Association in working with our counterparts in the LGFA over the last number of weeks to resolve the potential clash of fixtures on August 18th involving dual-players from the Cork Camogie and Ladies Football Senior panels,” they said in a statement

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank our County Executives, Management Teams and Players for their patience and co-operation in exploring all potential options over the past few weeks to come to this resolution.”

Lots of work away from the spotlight then to e sure that the right outcome for the sports, players, sponsors, broadcasters and public are arrived at.

And whisper it quietly but one that provides a double Sporting alternative to matters of faith with the Pope coming to town..,


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