Corporate Engagement Through Sport


What should sport deliver to fans in a digital world and what should it deliver for business in terms of corporate social responsibility.

As part of our successful Sport for Business Networking Night at Croke Park on March 26th, almost 150 attendees were broken up into groups and put on the clock to deliver answers to a variety of questions around the relationship between Sport and Business.

On Friday we looked back on the Irish and International events to have caught our attendees eyes as being best in class.

On Monday we discovered the single most important element that business should be seeking from sport and whether a tournament team or individual delivered the best return on investment.

The next question we posed to our groups was what can sport deliver to fans in a digital context.  This was teed up by a contribution from Dermot Rigley of RTE Sport who outlined some of the key elements that bring broadcasting, sport and fans together.

The two key areas that emerged were ‘real time’ access to information and insight on the sport as it happens and a richer content driven experience for fans.

“Bringing fans behind the scenes to areas of the game and the sport they have never before had access to.”

“Unfiltered reaction from players and those involved in the big breaking stories around sport.”

“A richer experience for fans in stadia to compete with that which they can enjoy over high speed internet at home.”

“High quality content from the teams and the games that is available on sharable platforms.”

Finally we posed the question of how important sport could be in terms of businesses approach to corporate social responsibility.  Liam Harbison of Paralympics Ireland  was on hand to paint a picture of how their sponsors had approached an association with sport at national and community level and the rewards it delivered.

From the groups we got a variety of feedback which included:

“The integrity of sport should be a central way of understanding corporate behaviour.”

“Sport delivers a way of bringing groups together that might not have any other obvious bond.”

“The authenticity, honesty and emotion of sport are a great echo for the aspiration of a good corporate social responsibility programme.”

“The role models we have within sport, and their dedication to improvement are a great way to bring staff on board with programmes.”

Join us one final time tomorrow when we will have a short video capturing the mood and the people who made the night such a success.

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