Cricket training for young unemployed

Cricket in England is being used to target youth unemployment through Street Elite, a new back-to-work community project pioneered by The Lord’s Taverners and Cricket for Change charities and supported by the Berkely Group.

It is similar to the Fulham Football Club initiative highlighted in Sport for Business Weekly recently in giving sports based training to young adults who have left school but not yet gained employment or a place on a training scheme.

‘Initiatives like these are helping to ensure youngsters within the UK are given an opportunity and the skillset to get back into education and ultimately employment,’ said UK Employment Minister Chris Grayling.

‘Schemes like these are targeting the roots of the problems which are dividing so many communities and it is refreshing to see the way sport can change them for the better.’

Participants on the scheme are given coaching training and qualifications before going back into their local communities and organising sports training and events for local children.

Britain may not have quite the same level of existing community relationship with sports clubs as in Ireland but just because the relationship is there does not mean it could not benefit from similar initiatives here, perhaps using retired or unemployed club members to facilitate the training and expanding it to include computer and other work skills as well as sports training.

The July Sport for Business members Round Table will take place on the subject of employment through sport.  Please contact if you would like to be one of the twelve participants in the scheme.

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