Crickets Sets Out on Charity Search

Cricket Ireland has begun a competitive process to determine the sport’s official charity partner.

This is an important area for many sports and an opportunity to highlight and support the work being done by one of Ireland’s many charitable organisations.

It is also important for the charity sector with the reach of sporting organisations providing them with additional profile and fundraising visibility in broad-based communities.

At last year’s Sport for Business Sport for Social Good Conference, we heard from Leinster Rugby’s Marcus O’Buachalla about the process they went through to select MS Ireland and The Down Syndrome Centre in 2018 on a two-year deal.

Marcus shared that it was not so much the good that the charity does that was important, that is something which every charity will have, but rather the way in which they could work with the sport to make a real impact on both sides.

That should be a valuable lesson for the charities that are now being invited to put themselves forward to Cricket Ireland.

Submissions are being sought before April 10th after which time a selection will be made and the partnership will commence on May 1st, in time for the key games of the summer against England at Malahide and at Lords as well as for a comprehensive programme f games for both the Men’s and Women’s teams.

The partnership is for an initial one year but this could be doubled if it is deemed to be working particularly well for the charity and across the sport.

Cricket Ireland has laid out what it will deliver as part of the partnership. This is neatly laid out and clear including player appearances, tickets for matches, programme, online and big screen content as well as social media and a presence at the big games.

In return, they are looking for a commitment to pre-event planning and post-event feedback around the key fundraising opportunities and a real commitment to working as a partnership.

All the details of what is required can be found on the Cricket Ireland website. It’s a great chance to get involved as a key partner of one of Ireland’s fastest growing and most progressive sporting organisations.

Check out the Cricket Ireland Charity Partner Search here.

Save the Date: We will shortly be announcing details of a very special renewal of Sport for Business Sport for Social Good taking place on Wednesday July 14th and tied into one of the biggest sporting events of the year.


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