Cúl Heroes Reaching Kids

Cúl Heroes, the official trading cards and magazine of the GAA/GPA, has launched it’s 2017 edition and will include players from Ladies Football and Camogie for the first time alongside the established stars of the men’s game.

This is the third year on the market for the collectibles and is likely to be an important one without a competing World Cup or Euro’s football collection to contend with on the shelves of newsagents.

The cards contain positive messages around diet and emotional wellbeing such as “Feed your body with healthy food” and “It’s good to talk to someone when you’re sad.”

“Every year we add to the collection in different ways,:” said Cúl Heroes Managing Director Matt McCormack.

“The 2017 collection has some very exciting and unique additions. We would like to welcome the ladies footballers and camogie players to the collection, also Meath and Galway hurlers join us for the first time.”

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“We can’t find any other trading card involving team sports that have male and female players in the same collection.”

“Each county card has its own unique background texture that relates to historical or geographical facts of that county, a fun learning tool for our young collectors.”

“We believe more than ever than these cards help promote our games in a very positive way with our youth and we hope they get as much enjoyment out of this year’s collection as they did in previous years. We feel it’s an opportunity for young fans to collect all these great players that play our national sports.”

“Cúl Heroes cards are a fantastic opportunity for our players to engage with our youth at a national level,” added GPA CEO Dermot Earley.

“Our players are role models, both in society and also within their communities and it is great that children who aspire to be like our players, and to play the games themselves, have a collectable like Cúl Heroes cards. The GPA are delighted to be involved with this initiative.”

“The Cúl Heroes trading cards have been a fantastic initiative to date by the GAA/GPA,” concluded GAA President Aogán Ó Fearghail.

“The levels of interest that so many young children nationwide have in the Cúl Heroes cards is something that has been very much apparent on my visits to clubs and schools across the country since they were introduced in 2015.

“We say in Irish ‘Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí’, and the educational nature of information on the cards is also a fantastic example for young people to learn from and follow.”


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