Daily Video – 20X20 As it Was and As it Is

The 20×20 Campaign has released a new video for the weekend of International Women’s Day.

In it, we hear real-life stories of how girls were once discouraged but are now being encouraged to take up sport and reap the many benefits it brings.

This weekend is a time to reflect on what we are doing as individuals to further the case for Women’s sport being seen on the same level as men’s sport, just as gender equality has become part of our everyday thinking in almost every other area.

Is education for women seen as being less than education for men? Is medicine, the workplace, media or any place other than the church seen as being different for women than it is for men?

Then why should sport?

Make your pledge on social media this weekend to #ShowYourStripes and let yourself be seen as willing to really do something concrete to make a difference.


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Image Credit: 20X20

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