Daily Video – 20X20 The Long Road

From where we were to where we are is part of the journey. It should serve as a roadmap then to where we can be.

The power of sport has been largely a male preserve since it was first organised in the middle of the 18th century.

The 20×20 Campaign has been a world-class attempt to change the story for women and young girls.

We have adopted it to our hearts and made small steps that have turned into more confident strides and can now look forward with confidence to future generations seeing sport as genuinely available and of powerful benefit to everyone regardless of gender.

“Women have to achieve ridiculous levels of success in order to get basic levels of respect,” says Elaine Buckley in this rewind of the story of Women in Sport through to the present day.

Take the time, sit back, watch and then act. The stories told by the young girls from 2018’s campaign launch to today are simply brilliant.

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