Daily Video – All Blacks Sticking Their Necks Out

There is a line in the book The Boys in the Boat which talks about encouraging your opponent to stick their necks out and then stick them out some more in believing they will win, the punchline being that they are then easier to chop off.

That’s a pretty violent metaphor for what is after all just a game of sport but perhaps there is an element of cockiness in Air New Zealand’s video of a safety demonstration for Ireland fans ahead of tomorrow’s Quarter Final showdown.

There is history between Air New Zealand and Aer Lingus dating back over recent clashes though Aer Lingus have chosen simply to reply with a cool head and a restating of fact rather than conjecture to the latest social media jousting.

We hope that on Monday morning we will be able to bring you a different daily video, dressed in the Aer Lingus shamrock which will have proven the old adage that it’s what you do that matters most rather than what you say.

As kick-off draws closer maybe the Air New Zealand social team will begin to get a little bit nervous. After all, if the All Blacks lose they’ll have to look for someone to blame…



Image Credit Inpho.ie Bryan Keane

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