Daily Video – Behind The Gates #1

“Nobody is giving us a chance. Which is silly really.”

Roscommon Manager Kevin McStay was battered from outside and inside the county in advance of this season’s Championship but he kept faith in the group of players and over the next week we will see ‘behind the gates’ in the County and all the way to Croke Park in a new mini-documentary series released on YouTube and social media by AIB.

Released yesterday at 5pm, the remaining three episodes will be put live on each of the next three days.

The Series follows the overwhelming success of Chris and Kammy’s Journey to Croker which this summer generated over 10 million engagements with the brand.

This first episode brings us to Roscommon’s training camp at Johnstown House, two weeks before the Connacht Final and witness Kevin McStay acknowledging how “even their own people have given up” on the squad, but how he planned to turn that into a “bit of anger.”

It’s the perfect embodiment of where sport, brands and fans have met at the sweet spot convergence enabled by social media.

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