Daily Video Casement Stadium

Fans at Sunday’s Ulster Championship Final in Clones were given a glimpse at where they may be heading in years to come with a fly through video representation of the planned new Provincial Stadium at Casement Park in Belfast.

The stadium is one of the few outstanding infrastructure projects in the bid to stage the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and has had its problems with planning but progress now appears to be being made with a view to having it ready in the coming years and here is what fans can look forward to…

To those who feel they may have been here before they are right. There was a fly through video produced in 2013 to which a number of changes to the stadium are now clearly evident.

On major projects like this there are always likely to be a number of iterations before the turning of the sod and certainly before the official opening but the hope is that the project is once again gathering steam and that this will be delivered.

And in case you wanted a look at where we were four years ago, here it was…


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