Daily Video – Daddy McClean

Aviva celebrated Fathers Day yesterday with the release of a new piece of video content showing a very personal side to Ireland football international James McClean.

Providing personal insights into family life, the video captures very intimate memories and clips of his kids at different stages of their lives.

McClean recorded a very personal account of Fatherhood at the recent Aviva Soccer Sisters Dream Camp, starring wife Erin and kids; Allie May (5), James Jnr (3), and Willow Ivy (1).

This year’s participation numbers for Soccer Sisters saw a 107 per cent increase on last year’s figures, with 7,322 girls participating at free camps and blitzes throughout the country.

McClean became a Father in December 2013 when Allie May was born hours after he had played a club match for his then club Wigan Athletic, something he claims definitely changed his view as “you now need to think about what’s best for your kids”.


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