Daily Video : Dublin Going GAGA

Dublin is going GAGA today in a bid to Get All Girls Active.

It’s an initiative that came to life last year and was successful in getting girls across the city running, playing and moving in ways that were fun as well as being of real benefit.

The campaign is being run by Dublin City Council through its team of sports officers. One of those and one who has been a real driver is Eileen Gleeson who was the UCD Coach when she filmed Stephanie Roche’s Wonder Goal that went around the world three years ago.

Girls across the Capital are being encouraged to send photographs and video clips of them getting active throughout the day and there will be prizes for those that catch the eye.

Who knows we might even try and get a little active at today’s Sport for Business Women in Sport Conference taking place in the studios of RTÉ.

If we do we will be doing so alongside 25 schools doing a fitness video with Ireland soccer star Áine O’Gorman, as well as those undertaking a schools football blitz in Kilmore, a Cross Country in St Anne’s Park, Dance classes, Zumba, swimming, a skipathon in Trinity Comprehensive in Ballymun, Glow Fitness for Mothers and Others and even a visit to one of our North East Inner City by none other than Ireland’s latest World Champion Kellie Harrington.

OK then let’s go GAGA for the day.


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