Daily Video – FIFA 21

It has been a year for gaming and as we emerge back into a gradual return of live sporting action, there is no doubt that playing on a screen has reached a new height of acceptance and engagement.

Watching footballers play in an empty stadium with the sound of fans piped through the audio channel is perhaps closer to the FIFA gaming experience than we might imagine and the impending release of FIFA 21 will have enthusiasts salivating.

This morning we are pleased to bring you the first trailer for the new game, to be released on October 9th, with new ways of blurring the lines between what is real and what is created in a world of ever more pixels.

If ever you wondered what artificial intelligence might mean for the world of sport, welcome to the next generation of player personality where those who are credited as being the most tactically aware will now take up better positions on the screen.

Here is the future of FIFA…


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