Daily Video – Gaelic Sunday

This weekend marks the centenary of Gaelic Sunday with commemorative events planned by GAA clubs across Ireland and abroad.

Gaelic Sunday was a seminal moment in the history of the GAA and of the independence movement back in 1918 when 50,000 players in every county and in almost 1,000 matches defied an order from the British authorities that all games should gain a permit in order to go ahead.

Activities will be taking place to celebrate the centenary at clubs, county grounds at at Croke Park over the weekend and the story is told in compelling fashion with our choice as today’s Sport for Business Daily Video.

“These are our games. These are our people. This is GAA Country.”

Powerful words to indicate the deep importance which sport has in the way we define ourselves as a people.

Throughout the weekend there will be events to commemorate Gaelic Sunday and the importance of GAA clubs within their communities.

There are re-enactment matches between clubs who played this weekend in 1918 such as Edenderry and Rhode in Offaly.

There are history talks, parades, family days and blitzes among clubs in all four provinces. Clubs hosting events are being asked to record and post their events to twitter and instagram with the hashtag #GaelicSunday.

“Gaelic Sunday was a crucial moment in the early history of the GAA and cemented the importance of clubs in their community,” said GAA President John Horan.

“The legacy created is the vibrant Association that we have today where clubs continue to be the focal point of their local communities and people continue to be inspired to celebrate and play our native games.

“One hundred years on we honour the courage of the men and women who stood up for the right to play and support the GAA.”

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Image Credit: GAA Museum Archive

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