Daily Video – It’s Buzzing

It used to be the case that seeing a camera outside a ground meant that you were going to be interviewed on RTÉ for the Nine O’Clock News.

These days though, the diversity of media outlets is much greater and the hunger for content among fans ever more voracious.

Journalists have become videographers and capturing the moment can no longer be left to a carefully crafted 1,000 words after the event for publication the following morning.

We are delighted today to welcome the team from SportsJoe into the Sport for Business community and they were out and about at Tallaght Stadium last night to capture the mood of fans as they were going into the ground.

The enthusiasm for Denise O’Sullivan and Katie McCabe will only have been brightened by their display and capturing the excitement of a pre-game atmosphere, before getting it out to over 500,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an important part of how fans are consuming the backstories to the goals and the glory.



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Image Credit: SportsJoe

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