Daily Video – Katie on the Big Screen

The kind of lines from reviewers that are used to promote movies generally err on the side of hyperbole but the full-length trailer for the Katie Taylor which will be on full release next week suggests it could be true in this case.

Sport at the cinema, with the notable exception of American Football, generally falls short of the engagement and excitement it generates in real life but the Katie story has all the elements of drama in and out of the ring that should make it a riveting watch as we are told, if a somewhat painful one for the family.

Like a good song there are changes of key in her life, and in the movie that make for real dramatic storytelling.

We know much of the story as lived in public but Taylor has always been a very private person, strong on faith and strong on family. When that latter bond broke between London and Rio it had a major impact. It did not lessen here appeal to Irish sports fans and the general public. We are about to see more of why that is than has ever been the case.


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