Daily Video – Make it Your day

Horse racing Ireland has released a new campaign to coincide with and capitalise on the excitement of the Dublin Racing Festival.

‘Make it Your Day’ is a series of short videos highlighting some of the reasons why individuals have become involved in syndicate ownership of racehorses and the excitement they have gained from it.

“The emotion and adrenaline rush you get as an owner is hard to describe,” said Amber Byrne of Horse racing Ireland Ownership.

“Be it a sole owner or someone who owns a hair in a horse’s tail the feeling is the same. This campaign follows 12 owners with different personas, we have a farmer from Cork, a lawyer based in New York, a bar owner in Kildare and a retired man from Meath amongst others.”

“They all have something in common, they are passionate about horse racing and racehorse ownership. We hope the creative will tell the ownership story and show the emotion ownership evokes.”

The videos have been created by The CX Collection

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Image Credit: Rob Hartnett and Tommy Dickson, Inpho.ie

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