Daily Video – O’Neill’s Pivot

It is brilliant to see 150 workers at O’Neill’s premises in Strabane back behind their machines today.

Last week, the company was forced to shut down operations temporarily with a falling off the cliff of demand.

It was not an easy decision to take but strong Government intervention on the payment of a proportion of wages eased the blow for staff and then turning expertise over to the good of the public health gave a further boost.

The team are now engaged in manufacturing scrubs for workers in the health service across Northern Ireland, and there are orders being prepared from the HSE and other Health trusts across Britain.

Nobody could have imagined that such a pivot in the business model could have been so needed or so quickly achieved but hats off to Kieran Kennedy and the team, such long term supporters of sport in Ireland and now putting their shoulder to the wheel for an even greater cause.


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