Daily Video – Paddy Power Coming for England

After a weekend to forget on the Rugby field of England, with the notable exception of our U20 team, there was at least a tonic of the new Paddy Power advertisement promoting the fact that Cheltenham is just around the corner.

This is a rollicking ride through pretty much every stereotype you could imagine in the sporting and other battles between the two countries down the years led with an impish grin by Colm Meaney.

Watch out for look-alike appearances from ‘Cillian Murphy’ in Peaky Blinders, ‘Ronnie Whelan’ in a retro tracksuit and more, as well as actual cameo’s from Paddy Power himself in a green beany hat and towards the end Olympian Rob Heffernan who leads the final charge.

It is certainly enough to raise a smile and a reminder that while victory may never be final, that defeat is also not fatal.

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