Daily Video – Sexton in the Laya Spotlight

Jonny Sexton’s heart rate is the subject of today’s Daily Video produced by Laya Healthcare, the Official Health and Wellbeing Partner to Leinster Rugby.

‘The Sexton Series’ takes an exclusive behind the scenes look at Sexton from his playing career, to his mindset to life outside rugby.

Today’s release – ‘The Mindset’ begins by showing behind-the-scenes footage of Sexton’s kicking routine. The video continues by delving into his mindset and sees him opening up about the many elements that the goal-kicker faces during high-pressure moments, including insight into his spiking heart-rate.

“We used to wear heart-rate monitors in games. The highest for me was when the penalty is actually awarded. The rest of the time you’re just trying to get your heart rate down”.

Sexton continues to open up throughout the video and reveals that the personal judgement he faces can be tough to take in comparison to being judged as a player on the pitch.

“I don’t think being judged as a rugby player is hard, you get used to that. But being judged for your personality – that can bother me”.


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